Dear outdoor fitness fans!

Wintertime this year can be tricky and welcomes us sometimes with springlike days. Thus more opportunity to go outside and workout outdoors. During sunny, snow-less days we encourage everyone to grasp some fresh air at our Herkules gyms!


Here some tips for better results:

1. Drink a lot of water! Effects of both, working out and diets become visible much faster! Water speeds up an microelementary exchange within human body cells as well as muscle recovery. It also gives our skin a sparkle and makes us feel better :)


2.Warm up! Before working out on our gym, we recommend a short warm up. You could run still for few minutes or make few jumping jacks. It stimulates blood circulation and prevents injuries.

3. Stretch up! After your workout remember to stretch the muscles you used. It prevents from having sore muscles and helps with overall recovery.

Last but not least, breath deeply! Enjoy the fresh air!:)


Herkules wishes you great time working out!

silownia w sloncu

Herkules® company together with its whole team would like to wish you all the best, happiness and health in this New Year!

Each day we do our utmost to help you start and continue your New Year's resolutions by providing you with our highest quality Outdoor Fitness equipment andbroadening our offer to meet all your expectations.


May your dreams come true in 2016!
 - Herkules



     The Configurator allows you to combine different equipment parts into complete units. You can choose the equipment pieces for both sides of the pylon (use the vertical arrows to see more equipment elements).

     After that, you save the unit with the button at the bottom and continue to the next unit. When you are done with your gym, save your project and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. via e-mail to get your final price.

     The English version of the Configurator is coming soon, but Polish version is also really easy to use! :)