1. Can I buy other configurations than shown in Our Offer section?

Of course, our equipment (from the Moonlight series) is fully adjustable, if you would like to diversify the variety of your equipment, there is a possibility of mounting two different pieces of equipment on one stand, which allows you to have e.g. 12 different machines on 6 pylons. We advise you to use our Configurator - it allows you to create a compilation of the equipment you would like to obtain.


2. Where can I find the prices?

In most cases the actual prices differ from the nominal price (this can be caused by various factors, such as installing the equipment, amount of machines, etc.), therefore we do not provide you with nominal prices per unit, but show you the price for the whole order individually after consulting you.


3. Can I buy Outdoor Fitness equipment as a private person?

Yes - our company also sells to private customers. If you are interested in our offer, please ask via the Contact section.