IMG 7148mmOur equipment is ideal in places such as:

  • parks
  • along bicycle paths
  • near playgrounds
  • at popular (especially among seniors) squares
  • sanatorium centres
  • military units
  • in prisons

With just a few units of our equipment a great gym can be constructed, providing a possibility for each body part to be trained and reinforced. What else would you need to go out and work out? Fresh air, open space and other sports amateurs. Not only does Herkules®  provide modern, great looking gym equipment that helps reinforce physical and mental health, but also a chance to meet others and spend your time outdoors. Places for social gatherings regardless of age! From now on, seniors, youngsters and adults can spend their free time together and relax in an active way. By investing in commonly accessible gym equipment, we save on health care.

Prevention is the most important part here – let’s encourage people to do sports!